NCERT Important Questions for NEET 



Human Reproduction: Male and female reproductive systems; Microscopic anatomy of testis and ovary;
Gametogenesis-spermatogenesis & oogenesis; Menstrual cycle; Fertilisation, embryo development upto blastocyst
formation, implantation; Pregnancy and placenta formation (Elementary idea); Parturition (Elementary idea); Lactation
(Elementary idea).
Reproductive health: Need for reproductive health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STD);
Birth control-Need and Methods, Contraception and Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP); Amniocentesis;
Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies – IVF, ZIFT, GIFT (Elementary idea for general awareness).

1. Male reproductive system is located in 

Pelvic region 

2. Scrotum helps in maintaining low temperature of the testes________ about lesser than body temperature.  


3. Each testis is_____ in shape. 


4. Length of each testis is ____(
A)_____in the length and _____(B)_____ in width. 

A = 4 to 5 cm, B = 2 to 3 cm

5. Each testis has how many lobules ? 


6. The _____ undergo meiotic divisions finally leading to sperm formation. 

Germ cell

7. Androgens are secreted by Leydig cells 
8. Which is the correct pathway of sperms. (i) Epididymis (ii) Seminiferous tubules (iii) Vas-efferentia (iv) Rete-testis 

ii - iv – iii – i 

9. Glans penis is covered by a loose fold of skin is called. 

Fore skin 

10. The male accessory glands include paired ____(A)_____ a _____(B)_____and paired ___C___ 

A-Seminal vesicle, B- prostate 


11. Secretions of glands also helps in the lubrication of penis. 


12. Primary spermatocyte is haploid. 

False (Diploid) 

13. Secondary spermatocytes undergo Ist meiotic division 

False (It show Ilnd meiotic division) 

14. Spermatids are transformed into spermatozoa by the process called. 


15. Releasing of sperms from seminiferous tubules is known as. 


16. Spermatogenesis process start before birth. 

False (At puberty due to availability of more GnRH)

17. LH acts at the ___A___cells and stimulates synthesis of ___B____ . 

A-Leydig, B-Androgens 

18. FSH acts on the ___A___cells and stimulates secretion of ___B___ which 
help in the process of ___C___ 

A-Sertoli, B-Some factors,  C-Spemmiogenesis 

19. The sperm head contains an elongated____ nucleus. 


20. Acrosomal enzyme helps in. 

Fertilization of ovum 

21. Which parts secretions are essential for maturation and motility of sperms.  

Epididymis, Seminal vesicle, prostate 

22 Sperms + ? = Semen. 

Seminal plasma 

23. Functions of male sex accessory ducts and glands are maintained by 


24. Which of the following is not a part of female reproductive system?  Ovary, oviduct, uterus, vasdeferens, hymen


25. Ovaries are the ..... female sex organs.


26. Ovaries produce the ___(A)___ and several ___(B)___ hormones. 

(A) female gamete (B) steroid 

27. Each ovary is about 5 to 8 cm in length in human. (True/false) 


28. The ovarian stroma is divided into two zones - a peripheral  ___(A)___ and an inner ___(B)___. 

(A) Cortex (B) Medull

29. The oviduct, uterus and vagina constitute the female external  genitalia. (True/false) 


30. Each fallopian tube is about .. . long. 

10-12 cm 

31. Which help in collection of ovum after ovulation ? 


32. The shape of the uterus is like an apple. (True/false) 


33. How many layers are present in uterus ? One/Two/Three/Four 


34. Correct sequence of uterine wall outer to inner side ? 

Perimetriummyometrium → endometrium 

35. The ___(A)___ undergoes cyclic changes during menstrual cycle while  the ___(B)___ exhibits strong contraction during delivery of the baby. 

(A) Endometrium (B) Myometrium

36. Which of the following does not include in extermal genitalia in  female ? 

Mons pubis, labia majora, fimbriae, hymen


37. Match the column : 





 Mons pubis 

(i) Paired folds oftissue


 Labia majora

(ii) tiny finger like      structure



(iii) cushion of fatty tissue


 Labia minora

(iv) fleshy folds of tissue

 a-(ii), b-(iv), c-i), d-(i)

38. The clitoris is a tiny finger like structure which lies at the upper. Junction of the ___(A)___ above the ___(B)___. 

(A) two labia minora (B) urethral opening

39. The presence or absence of hymen is not a reliable indicator of virginity or sexual experience. (True/false) 


40. A functional mammary gland is characteristic of all animal female.(True/false) 


41. The glandular tissue of each breast is divided into mammary ...... lobes. 


42. The cells of . secrete milk. 


43. The alveoli open into... 

Mammary tubules 

44. Several mammary ducts join to form a wider ___(A)___which is connected to ___(B)___ through which milk is sucked out.

(A) mammary ampulla (B) lactiferous duct

45. The primary sex organs the ___(A)___ in the males and the ___(B)___ in the females. 

(A) testis (B) ovarie

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