NCERT class 12th Biology important question of sexual reproduction in flowering plants

1. Write down the name of A, B, C, D and E

2. Write down the name of A, B, C, and D

3. Write down the name of Part A, B, C, D, E and F


4. Write down the name of  Part A, B, C and D


5. Write down the name of labelled Structure 'A'


6 . The microsporangium develop further and become____
Pollen sac 

7 . The innermost wall layer of microsporangium is the____

8 . In the centre of each microsporangium a compact arragned tissue is 
Sporogenous tissue 

9 . The two part of a typical the long and slender stalk called and the terminal generally bilobed structure called
Stamen , Filament , anther 

10 . A typical angiosperm anther is_____with each lobe having two theca i.e. they are called_____
Bilobed , dithecous 

11 . The hard outer layer of pollen grain , called exine is made up of 


12 . . In pollen grain exine has prominent apertures called germ pores where sporopollenin is absent . 

13 . The inner wall of pollen grain is called intine . 

14 . In microsporogenesis , PMC undergo mitosis and form pollen grains . 

15 . Pollen grains can be stored in liquid nitrogen at - 196 ° C . 

16 . Wheat and rice pollen grains has long pollen viability 

17 . Match the following :- 





Proximal part of filament

a. Tapetum


Inner most wall layers of pollen sac

b. attached to the thalamus


Sporo - pollenin

c. most resistant material


Ploidy of the cells of the tetrad

d. Haploid

1-b , 2 - a , 3 - C , 4 - d 

18 . . In a mature pollen , how many nuclei are present and write their name also . 
2 - nucleus , 1 - vegetative nucleus 1 - generative nucleus 

19 . . Name any plant that causes pollen allergy 

20. What is the role of pollen tablets in anthletes and race horses
Increase performance 

21. Where is the use of pollen Bank.
Crop breeding programmes

22. What is the diameter of pollen grain
25-50 micrometer 

23. Following figures showing pistil PISTIL-A, B, C & D


24. Identify A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I


25. Identify A, B, C, D, E,  F and G

Fill in the Blank 
26. The basal part of the carpel is____

27. Services as a landing platform for pollen grain_____

28. The mitotic divisions which occur during embryo sac from megaspore are___
Strictly free number

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